Selected Reviews

2018  The Forecaster Falmouth, ME

2016 September 18 The Portland Press Herald, Portland, ME by Daniel Kany

        March 25 Wiesbadener Kurier, Germany by Birgitta Lamparth 

        January 9 Pittsburgh Tribune by Kurt Shaw

         Dear Pittsburgh by Colin McFadden -
2015 Hyperallergic. com by Deborah Krieger -
2012 May 31 Artvoice Buffalo by Jack Foran -
          May 25 The Buffalo News- Buffalo, NY by Colin Dabkowski
2011 May 1 Syracuse Post Standard by Katherine Rushworth -
2010 December 31 The Buffalo News- Buffalo, NY by Colin Dabkowski
         September 23 ArtVoice, Buffalo, NY by Jack Foran
2008 May 15 Bytes, Artists of Utah blog
2006 February 15 The Times Argus Newspaper, VT by Anne Galloway
           February 22 7Days Vermont American Idol? By Pamela Polston -
2004 August | Sept. Art New England, by Lucinda Mason
2002 June 14 The New York Times, NY by Ken Johnson
1999 October 15 Kansas City Gallery Guide, MO by Andrew Wells
1999 October 1 The Kansas City Star, MO by Robin Trafton

Selected Writing
Sculpture Magazine 11/2018 The Edge of Being, a conversation with Arcangelo Sassolino

Sculpture Magazine 10/2018 Shapeshifter, a conversation with Rina Banerjee

The Chart 5/2018 - Being Present in the Space of Video, review of Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974–1995, curated by Henriette Huldisch, was on view at MIT List Visual Art Center from February 8 – April 15, 2018.

Sculpture Magazine 5/2018 - The Happy Effect, a conversation with Shoplifter

Sculpture Magazine 5/2017- The Shape of Sound, a conversation with Julianne Swartz

Sculpture Magazine 10/2016 - The Catalyst of Arts and Heritage at the Carrie Furnaces

Sculpture Magazine 9/2016 - Heroic Inventions, a conversation with Lewis Colburn

Sculpture Magazine 5/2016 - Context as Material, a conversation with Jon Rubin

Sculpture Magazine 8/2015 - The Space in Between, a conversation with Charles Ray

Sculpture Magazine 5/2015 - My Body is Your Vehicle, a conversation with Janine Antoni

Sculpture Magazine 11/2014 - Dark Matter, a conversation with Katie Paterson

Sculpture Magazine 9/2014 - Actualizing Potential, a conversation with Simon Starling

Sculpture Magazine 5/2014 - The Drama of Proportion, an coversation with Matthew Barney

72 Assignments: the Foundation Course in Art and Design Today
The Analog Document, the art of transformational identity by Joshua Reiman
edited by Chloe Briggs