I am currently teaching at the Maine College of Art in the MFA in Studio Art + Sculpture, where I am also the program Chair of Sculpture. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. jreiman@meca.edu




Here are a few links to classes I taught at Carnegie Mellon in Sculpture:

Teaching Philosophy

My pedagogical model is a cross-disciplinary approach leading to student works with no conceptual or material boundaries. I provide skills that establish a foundation in content, production, and experimentation, allowing students to complete any artworks they imagine. My teaching style has been greatly influenced by experience as an artist and a builder. I am influenced by the educational philosopher John Dewey, where “knowing by doing, and building a sense of community through learning” are primary factors within my student's education.

My goals include offering my students a grounding in historical and contemporary issues paired with practical and theoretical skills that will lead to their own ideation. I believe in well-made things and knowing the processes involved in creating thoughtful physical works of art. I want them to question how their work is perceived and how it operates via presence and reflection. From introductory to graduate level classes, we work together to develop many projects throughout a semester leaving concrete examples of successes and failures for each student. My classes are documented through blogs that are used as a record of the working process, finished works, and as a teaching tool for points of reference. Outside of the classroom I encourage contextual practice through open research, field trips, lectures, conferences, collaborative ventures, exhibitions, and public interactions.

I promote critique as a constructive platform, where the sharing of ideas will lead to further inquiry. I provide a place where learning the language involved in describing and formulating ideas, be it visual or intellectual, promotes a safe and productive critical dialogue. I ask that students present their completed works in the environment they see as best for their concept. Success is effort. Effort involves taking chances, listening, and creating a nurturing environment where opportunities are available for all that accept the challenges of learning.

As a professional artist, I make sure that I am available and accessible to my students outside of class time for questions and studio work. I maintain a busy artistic practice and share this excitement and energy with my students. This leads to students taking charge of their own education, and great work usually comes of it. I have seen first hand the successes of working directly with passionate students who are fully engaged. Encouraging work outside of class and following through with guidance has been one of my greatest joys as a teacher.

Teaching is a reflective process that enables my growth as an artist, educator, and community member. I encourage my students to be curious, thoughtful explorers of life and visual culture. Participating in this process of discovery and potential is extremely rewarding.